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Sunday, May 23, 2010


6:10 AM
The old car was very cheap price, What else could these old cars Cars two-stroke (2T). As SUZUKI ST20, if weighed cost about USD 1.5 million, if not weighed approximately 2 million - 4 million of But do not be mistaken when older cars are not able or not strong enough to travel long distance strike alias. I had to prove long-distance travel, From the city of Yogyakarta to the East Lampung province.

At the date first Thursday of January 2009 at 9 am Friday until the Lampung days 2 hours 11 noon date of January 2009, means take about 26 hours, and almost the same time increase public BIS, but I break five times. The first break in Kebumen Prembun approximately 1hr for lunch and prayer Dhuhr, Second in Majenang to eat in the afternoon, the Third when I want to enter the toll road cilinyi Nagrek I was a little panicked because the way it turned out a lot Nagrek tanjaan corners and a very sharp and very solid laulintasnya once, If you pass Nagrek when hati2 keep the dense traffic with vehicles that are in front of you do not close soon, because a lot of cars broke down and push. It is most Merak Toll Fourth and Fifth resort when the car was parked in the parking lot to fuel kapal.Lalu one trip I spent 80 ltr Petrol Oil 1ltr side I use artificial lubricants PERTAMINA. On the road. Al khamdulillah not meet a hitch pass anything but a little the wrong way, ie when going memesuki Toll peacock, Temperature stable car without adding water without adding the slightest wind up in Lampung, but after I heard a rumbling sound under the car and the car felt a little vibration so strong, I checked the next day turned out to kris kopelnya replace worn out and my immediate costing Rp 30 000 and then I checked the following day turned out Spark Plugs Spark Plugs die first.


And my return via the coast, go home my first break in the second vessel 4kali in the third toll resort disebuah mosque for dawn prayers and before the mosque there is a fire exhaust gas from Pertamina's fourth place in the Bradford brothers at about 7 am to take the right jam9 Brebes Ajibarang-through-Wates.Dari Wangon Sumatra friday prayers out to the house / jogja around 4pm, so the return also takes approximately 26 hours of fuel also run out of oil 80ltr 1ltr.Dan you might be surprised even if you never thought SUZUKI ST20 capable and strong enough to travel long distances and can carry very heavy loads Yans, Because when i went to Lampung, I climbed nine people. 4 parents 2 adults 3 kids, and before I left for the service brake, ignition, radiator, tires so my experience with advance stories SUZUKI ST20 want to know ... The engine I have ever kenceng Tronthong continue even if the accelerator pedal is not stepped on, EEh there was no damage but there sepuyer a dead end.

Also had difficulty even turned on when it wears out the engine was still hot it remains difficult to live ee temple will be damaged, but then I just replace the cheap rp 80 000, is also still like that, then I change again with temples SINGGAPOR USED X / USD 150.000 Singgapuran small shape such as temples motorcycle ee sane instead I even still use 0274 7197750 Lampung Without problems   E6B3NVPJ8WX4

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